Why am I doing this? Do I really need to blog? I do, and so do you.

Deep thoughts…and I really mean it this time. 

I have been chewing on thoughts from a blog I read yesterday.  About who should and shouldn’t write one.  Why you should or shouldn’t.  It made me feel less than adequate and underqualified to be sure.   I realize that I cannot solve world hunger, boost the economy or stop senseless hate crimes with my blog.  I also will reserve comment on the Penn State situation or the recent shootings in Colorado, or the wildfires that rage in this terrible dry heat.  I feel the same way everyone does about all of those things.  My comments will not change anyone’s mind about them or make them better.

I can’t tell you how to fix your computer, write the Great American Novel, make your neighbors dog stop barking or teach you to make the fluffiest souffle.  And that has had me feeling like I’ve joined a club that I clearly don’t belong in since yesterday.  What on earth could I possibly type on my shiny red laptop that would make one difference in the life of anyone who happens to read my words.

In building my pages, and looking obsessively at my “stats” page, I have noticed that of all the tags I have given my posts, the one that is by far and away the most popular is “humor.”   There is way too much hate, shame, horror and destruction on this ball we roll around on, and it appears that most people still have a need to forget that for just a few minutes.

So, to all of the other late bloomers, the ones who were sure they were destined for Hollywood as soon as they shook off their small town, the ones who practiced faces in the mirror, the ones who got yelled at when Mom and Dad grew tired of the act, the ones who had their own Judy Miller SHOW!!!~ Please join me.

Never forget that the gift of humor is not a small gift, even though it is often dismissed as childish or insignificant.  I invite you to share your gift with the world as well.  Join the community of people who have waited so long for a platform for their creative and wacky ideas.

Not only can you express your own opinions, but you will see that you are in a very large community of like minded folks, as well as people who are your polar opposite.  Blogging is a place where you can share raw, largely unedited talent.  Without months of editing, marketing , polishing and distillation for the approval of the masses.  This is the place to see and experience real thoughts, deep, shallow and completely off the wall.  I urge you to consider opening your mind and letting out those thoughts you have been dying to share for years…somewhere…with someone, anyone, with a receptive eye and ear.

After many years of pent up silly thoughts, in just one week, my mind is now open to endless possibilities of reading, writing, sharing and reaching out.

So, for people who think blogs need to be about important stuff to be important, I must repsectfully disagree.  As stated above, I don’t intend to solve any of your problems,  but, if for 5 minutes I can make you forget that your boss is a jerk, that’s a good thing.    If I am willing to share my experience in biting off more than I can chew, I just might inspire you to do something new, different and scary.

I would really like to see what happens when you read this.  Please feel free to leave a comment, whether you are a seasoned writer or blogger, or someone who is asking yourself right now- “Do I really need to blog?”  Everyone has something to say, so let’s hear it.

12 thoughts on “Why am I doing this? Do I really need to blog? I do, and so do you.

  1. I agree with your whole post! My blog isn’t about very important stuff, but it’s won two Nobel prizes, cured cancer and is currently running for president of the universe.

      • Really? I sound mature? Like, how cool is that? That’s one word my 24 year old son never uses to describe me. Thanks for the fun discussion, aaannnd.. for keeping me awake while I try to decide should play Robert Smith in your movie.

      • I’m so sure. Like totally. Cool. Hip, palooka. Gams! Verily, swaggerjacker!

        That was a mixture of slang. A slang stew, if you will. Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Julie,
    I think you’re the BEST Blogger ( is that a real word?). I get tired of the serious, the depressing, the politically correct , etc. You are FUNNY, and when I read your blog posts I feel like I’m in the room having a conversation with you – you’re talking , I’m laughing! Keep up the good work!

      • Funny you should say that – i’ve been thinking that maybe you’ll be willing to say a few (or a lot) of words to the whole group

      • Well, since I’m still “home”, just pulled off a wedding, and can’t seem to keep myself off the grid due to my constant need for attention, I bet I’ll be suckered into planning the whole thing. If that’s the case, why not just make myself the keynote speaker? Hmmmmm….what a fabulous idea darling!

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