Somebody looks fabulous!!!

Hello Darlings!

What do you think of my new look!  I mean the theme, not the picture.  This is “Fresh and Clean” by the way, again the theme, not the picture…har dee har har…

I will be trying this one on for a while.  I will try not to spill a martini on it, so I can return it to the store after the party.  I was very careful when taking the tags off so that I can cleverly reattach them.



Aren’t makeovers just brutal?

Tomorrow I write something worth reading.

Ta Ta for now.

5 thoughts on “Somebody looks fabulous!!!

  1. :-) I have to quit reading your blog after midnight. I’m giggling again. I love your new look! I refreshed your page over and over and over again so I could see all the new headers. It really is fresh and clean, and I like the layout. Good job!

  2. Nice new look Cheeky Diva! What do they call this look? The “Kathy Bates from Misery” look? The expression on your face emotes many things. But it specifically tells me that you are annoyed with my prying questions about the famous author who dissapeared in your neighborhood during a snowstorm, and to stay out of the back bedroom.

    • How perceptive you are! That just happens to be my “Don’t even THINK about asking prying questions regarding that famous author who disappeared in my neighborhood during a snowstorm” look. Am I really that transparent?

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