What a fun blog this is!


Thank you to David from 5 things to do today. This may be the start of something, which you will hear about as soon as I’m done editing. Thanks for reading!

Originally posted on 5thingstodotoday:

These are some amazing socially aware suggestions from www.cheekydiva.wordpress.com which will kick start your night life. Hope you enjoy them. Please check out the blog.
  1. Wear the most simple little black dress you can find.  If it doesn’t look too ridiculous,or squish your boobs, wear it backwards for a bigger “WOW” factor.Accessorize with something large and flashy-definitely NOT the macaroni necklace your 5 year old brought home from school today.
  2. Carry a cigarette around all night in a preposterously long cigarette holder.  At least 12 to 15 inches.  It doesn’t have to be lit of course, but make sure you constantly wave it in the face of the person who seems to be annoying everyone including you.
  3. Laugh very loudly at every joke told by someone else’s husband.  Make sure you are standing close enough to run your long, deep red fingernails down the front of…

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