And While I’m Waxing Poetic…..


She caught the hint of Love Spell on the breeze as she walked into Wal-Mart

She dreamed of standing on the beach in a white sarong, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her lover

She was also reminded of the time she sprayed that shit on herself at Victoria’s Secret

And couldn’t wait to get home to shower, as she smelled like someone had tried to drown her in a vat of fruit salad

4 thoughts on “And While I’m Waxing Poetic…..

  1. That is exactly why I take the longest way through any store, clinging to a shred of hope that I will be able to avoid the perfume counter. I hate getting sprayed with trial perfumes!

    • The funny thing is, I LOVE how that perfume smells on other people. I couldn’t wait to drive 50 miles to the nearest VS to spray it on myself. Just not for me I guess. But you’re right. I can’t stand being sprayed. I like the counters where they spray it on a card for you, and write down what it is, so you can take them all home and think about it, not having ten different scents all up and down your arm, making you want to puke in the care on the way back home.

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