Thursday Haiku Madness Recap

Well, what a busy day we had here. Some really  kick ass haikus. A few lured in by the promise of cookies, sorry there were none.  A ton of comments, a crazy day on twitter, a quick reply from WP tech support.  A handful of new followers, yay! And one pesky unfollower, who I’ve identified as this guy:
My superhero family totally kicked his ass. So all is well. Just wanted to say thanks for all the fun. You guys are great. Tune in tomorrow for more drivel that you can’t live without, and don’t forget to stop here on Monday for chapter two of The bonfire Effect, part of Romantic Monday.

Just wanted to say nighty night and see if posting from my phone while I repose in my comfy bed really works.

Sweet dreams my awesome pals!

5 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness Recap

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