Hi there! How did you get here?


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And why?

This has been one weird week for me.  I have to keep wondering why I am doing this, and whether or not I should continue.   Is this really doing anything but filling up a lot of my hours?  Is anybody really reading it? Does that even matter? I was thinking about this very post, and how to write it, when I got word this morning that I’ve been nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Wow!  What I do here actually inspires people?  To do what? To remind people that  even an idiot savant is good at at least one thing?  To spew random garbage from their head and hope something sticks?  That yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus?  I really don’t know, but whatever it is, I guess I’ll keep it up, and hope that these tortured internal monologues your are privy to are building me a good solid base for book sales!

(Note to self, write book immediately)

I kindly thank The Logbooker for this much appreciated nod, and I will give it the attention it deserves at a later date.  But for now, I just feel the need to whine and wonder.

And on that note, I just don’t get this whole thing.  Take a look to your right.  It appears that I have a good handful of fan boys and girls, and thanks to  Word Press Publicize, with all the social media “follows” counted separately, the 8 people who actually read this worthless crap look like well over 500.

So,  since I keep getting followers, but the page views aren’t very skyrocketing, I have to wonder.  Are you reading this shit, and how did you get here?

I joined Twitter a couple of months ago, but just in the last few days I have been pimping the crap out of this blog there.  I have picked up a few followers, thank you very much, and this week I have had a few days with very nice hit counts.

My secret stats dashboard is still a secret to me, and I have no idea where the hell you people are all coming from.  I’m seeing very few search engine hits, and no referring websites, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Joe’s Website or otherwise.  So, if I’m doing everything right to gain traffic, and it doesn’t appear to be working, where are you coming from? On the other side of the coin, if I have so many followers, why do I have so few readers?

I was thrilled with the results from Thursday Haiku Madness.  I have a hundred comments so far on that page alone.  So what if 98 of them are mine.  That didn’t even happen with my Freshly Pressed post, which sadly, due to personal reasons, I have deleted.  -Hard lesson learned-don’t become famous for a sex tape or for writing the wrong thing about the wrong people.

I appreciate all of the reads, the follows, likes and comments,  and audience participation in my new oddball weekly features:

Thursday Haiku Madness


Friday FAIL Funnies

Now dear readers,  I am asking you to do one more thing for me.  In an effort to keep bringing my readers a new and improved blog reading experience, I am asking you to take part in the following very scientific poll.  After years of study, the results will be analyzed, and if I am still alive, I will be sure to put them to use in this all important fluff that you’ve come to know and love as The Cheeky Diva.

Please please please answer the questions.  Nothing irks me more than spending an extra 45 seconds building a poll that no one answers, except for when my neighbor leaves their hellhound out all night to bark and keep me awake.

What helps you to keep on truckin?  How do your readers find you?  As always, I wait with bated breath for your thoughts!

A Big Fat P.S.- Important stuff I’ve learned this week that you need to know.

1 .DO use Zemanta.  Adding related content to the bottom of your page means that your posts are available to others to use as related content.  I have recently started adding these, and am already getting a handful of pingbacks and hits.

2. DO NOT use the “feedback” feature in your dashboard.  When you do this, it counts as a “publish”-My wonderful story The Bonfire Effect, my entry for Romantic Monday was all but buried under 3 pages of stories in the reader, as I had used the feedback feature and sent it to a fellow blogger to read for me on Friday.  When I did finally publish on Monday, it kept the publish time as Friday morning.  That post got very, very few page views, and I was pretty disappointed about it. If you need feedback, please cut and paste into a regular email.  I will contact support about this bug ASAP.

And now, in the spirit of the Keep on Truckin theme, here is a videotape of the musical variety to inspire you some more!

30 thoughts on “Hi there! How did you get here?

  1. Well, I read all your posts. I have followed a couple of blogs that I realized I really had no interest in but not yours. And I’m sorry you deleted the post that got you Freshly Pressed because it was a good one. It’s how I found your blog in the first place. That wasn’t an option on your poll, so I chose #1. But yeah, sometimes I wonder about blogging too. What’s the point? The posts I spend the most time on, the ones I think are really good, get a ho hum approval rating.

    • Oh yeah, those polls are really hard to edit once you’ve added one. I realized that it didn’t put in my option to fill in your own answer. Grr!!! I’ll see if I can fix that. Hope you like the Brady Bunch video. For some reason, that stupid song was wafting through my head the whole time I was writing this post, so, since I’ve learned how to successfully add a Youtube video, I thought it was appropriate to include it.

  2. I found you through your Freshly Pressed post when I first joined. I read everything you post now. You’re hilarious and witty and have a similar sense of humor as my own, so I can relate! Keep it up and congrats!

  3. I also found you through FP. I think your stuff is great! It might make you feel a little better to know that many of us feel the exact same way you do. I wonder why I do it and then, like you, I think ‘some days it’s all I got’. I haven’t even told anyone I know that I blog. I keep waiting until I get a decent amount of hits/likes/followers – whatever that means. At this rate blogging might go the way of the dinosaurs before I hit a respectable number. I think maybe just doing it because you enjoy it needs to be enough or else we’d all give up. Good luck to you! Keep going!

    • Thank you so much! After I got done planning my ridiculously overplanned wedding, I found that I had so much free time on my hands at work that I thought I would lose my mind. I have the kind of job where I only do stuff if it hits my desk. I do all the paperwork when the sales staff sells something. No sales, no work for me. So, sometimes, I have hours and hours of nothing to do. Not good for a person like me who loves to be an active and helpful member of a team. There’s only so much facebooking and compulsive shopping for orthopedic products to alleviate back pain a person can do, so….ta da! Let’s start a blog! 3 months later, here I am. Still a happy newlywed, still have a bad back, but now, I have a way to keep my wits from getting so dull I bore myself and everyone I know. Thanks so much for your thoughts and for reading. Am I gonna get a few haikus from you next Thursday? I sure hope so!!! :-)

      • I’m at home and it’s completely mind numbing. So I can waste hours blogging and sometimes I think ‘this is so amazing I can’t wait to hit publish’ and then…..NOTHING! It’s a little soul destroying but every now and then a kind comment comes along and it keeps me going for one more try. I saw your Haikus Thursday post. I was SO intimidated. I was all ‘this lady is smart. let me google haiku and see wth those are!’ Hmmm…maybe this Thursday I’ll give it a try. Note to self: Wine BEFORE haiku writing!

      • OMG-DRUNKEN Thursday Haiku Madness!- You are a genius! I can’t wait! 5-7-5 is my only rule. The more awful they are the better. My whole thought process was blurts of 5-7-5 all day Thursday and Friday. I carried it over to Twitter. Lots of oddballs there, just love to eat up your random bursts of 140 character genius. I think I have gotten my last 20 or 30 followers just from using Twitter–all within the last week. Do you use it?

      • If it’s awful you’re looking for I’m gonna make you so proud! I haven’t done Twitter yet. I should figure that out next. Like you, I think bursts of 140 character brilliance might be more my speed. Haikus and Twitter all in one night. My head hurts from all this thinking!

      • Can’t do it all in one night! Ha ha. One thing at a time. Make yourself happy with your writing. Your audience will find you-with a little help from some friends. :-)

  4. I probably wandered over because of the url in your twitter bio.
    No idea, really. It’s not something I keep track of.

    I do know that the first community of bloggers I followed, I found in the comments of a freshly pressed post. I still enjoy almost all of their company a little over a year later.

    And in the end, whatever anyone thinks of your blog is irrelevant. As long as you enjoy writing it. (But for what it’s worth, I enjoy it.)

  5. Hellis was my first follower. AFter that, I don’t remember how I found people. Some followed me first, some I followed first, some were mutual from following the same person or whatever.

    I hope you took the FP post “offline” as opposed to deleting it. You could possibly have edited it to protect the “innocent” and reposted it? But that’s sad.

    • I was just thinking about that. I didn’t have any names or pics, but it still hit too close to home. The only way to sanitize would be to take out everything except what I said about me and my own kids, and that doesn’t give the whole picture. I put it in my “trash” that way it’s still there. I found out later that you could “unpublish” just by changing the status of a post from “published” to a “draft”. That’s what I did with a few others that I thought were questionable. I copied and pasted it to a word document first, just in case. It’s pretty safe in my trash. Maybe I will repost it some day. Thanks for your comments. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Romantic Monday, yay!!!

  6. I found you through one of the other blogs I follow, I think through one of the comments you wrote, but I’ll be damned if I can remember which off the top of my head.

    Regardless though, I’m pleased to say that your posts are ones I now try to pick out from my reader. While I follow a few dozen blogs, I go out of my way to “look” for updates from a specific handful, and yours is one of them. Put me in the rabid reader category.

    • There is a shot for that now, by the way. Ditto- I make sure to read everything you write too. You are a damn funny guy! Thank you! And thank you so much for your embarrassing story. I could just see you in that hallway in the middle of the night banging on the door. Made me laugh out loud!

  7. I found you through WordPress and I am glad I did. I love your story. While you may not know who you inspire and uplift just know that you do. This is the first story that I have read of yours and I look forward to many more.

    I am new to blogging and at times I don’t know what people will find interesting and what they will not. After reading your post I am resinging to the fact of only writing what I myself would enjoy irregardless of what they say the ‘poplular keyword search’ is. I will be true to me because that is the only way I realize I will survive in this space of blogging.

    Thanks for being you. Congrats! Keep blogging for us readers. :-)

    • Hi there! So glad you found me. I find that no matter what my topic of choice is, as long as I approach it with my silly quirky slant, it sounds like me and it works. I’m sure posting for a while, you will hit your stride, and the WP community will find you and encourage you to do what you do best–which is just be yourself in the printed word. :-)

  8. Good morning Cheek!

    You know that I’m not great at technology, so most of those things mentioned at the bottom are right over my head, and I’m not a blogger. But if you want feedback—the answer to ‘How do I keep on keepin’ on?—here it is:

    ~ sometimes faith, sometimes motivation-by-music, and sometimes merely caffeine. After all caffeine is the foundation of all consciousness. Some days being vertical is the only accomplishment I can achieve!

    Love, Suzy

    • You heard it right here folks. “Caffeine is the foundation of consciousness”–straight from the words of a doctor! What a wise woman you are. Vertical is good. Your brother is a very vertical man as we know, so when he drops something and it rolls under the fridge, it’s my job to crawl on the floor and slide my little hand under and get it. On the other hand, the fact that he is SO vertical can be good for me, dusting on top of the doors and junk-except when he puts the groceries out of my reach.

      See you Saturday, Sis-in-law, hope you and the Seanster had an awesome anniversary trip.

  9. I first saw you on Twitter. I don’t always click on followers. It just depends on the profile, and whether or not the person seems like a real person (and not a mass marketer).

    Like you, I noticed that as I became more active on Twitter, my views went up pretty noticeably. Yet somehow the stats referrals never reflects this. They also don’t seem to reflect the people who found my blog today via Hotspur. I really don’t think the stats referrals are accurate.

    • They probably aren’t, but that doesn’t make me any less obsessive about them. ;-)

      How about yourself? Are you a rabid about your stats? I’m not, really ..at all… hardly ever look.

      • I LOVE my search terms, which are insane. Otherwise I try not to pay too much attention. I have my FP day (which does look like a giant middle finger) and I figure if I ever want that again, I need to pay attention to what resonates with people. However, I’m more likely to learn that from comments and feedback than numbers.

      • Mine looks that way too. One giant anomaly that makes the rest of my days look pretty abysmal. Of all the stuff I’ve written, I don’t think my FP post was anywhere near my best work. In fact, I wrote a different post the same day, which I spent most of the day on, and when I actually opened the email from WP about being Pressed, I was shocked to find that it was not for that post. Hmmmm. Oh well, I’ll take whatever the WP Gods give me. I keep writing, and I am growing my page views little by little, and have had a few pages lately with a ton of comments, which I love.

        People find me with insane search terms too. And from over 100 today-which is a huge number, I was able to cull 37 hilarious spam comments. I’ve decided to just approve and post them where they landed and then reply. Funny, they have no relation to the pages where I found them–a good example-today, a lot of my spam comments were referring to muscle cars of all things.

        One of my very first posts here was regarding our huge nationally renowned classic car show. But these comments weren’t there. Too funny! Oh, what I could do with this blog if I had the time to give it all that I really want to.

        Thanks so much for dropping by with your thoughts!

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