Share the love people!

When I started doing this, I had no idea what I was doing.  Almost four months later, I’m sure most of you are saying I still don’t.

Me: I’ll start a blog.  It will be the most bestest creation ever.  All will read and bow down to me and I will have a book deal by the end of the first week.

You didn’t do that? Um…..okay, me either.

Anyway–I have found that people who write blogs are different from  other folks.  We aren’t like athletes who are so competitive that we feel the need to hire a thug to whack our competitor before the Olympics.  We aren’t a group of catty PTA moms who refuse to share a recipe without altering it to ensure failure.

We are a happy fun bunch!   There are lots of tips, tricks and secrets, and blog writers are always willing to share, help, encourage, give feedback or give us a thumbs up for our efforts.  For me at least, these nods come when I need them the most, when I’m discouraged.   Many bloggers have said the same thing to me.  Being given a “hey! you rock” in one form or another always comes when encouragement is the little boost we need to continue.  So on top of everything else, we’re psychic, bitches!

We love to spread the love, pat each other on the back and say “Hey, you should read this guy! No really, I mean it!  Do it already!!!”  So there are tons of awards and memes floating around the interweb as we show our readers who we like to read.  Kind of like wanting to know who your dentist goes to when he has a toothache.  Yeah, you’re good, but whoever fixes your teeth must be better.

 Hey Cheeky Diva, you’re not the fairest blogger in the land, but you’re not too bad.  Who do you read? 

In the spirit of this world wide web hug fest we all participate in, Blogger Idol this week has challenged it’s at home players to Pay It Forward.

It is our job to highlight 4 bloggers that we enjoy reading, and convince you to read them too. The only stipulation this week is that one of them must be connected to Blogger Idol in some way.   We have also been asked to continue doing this on a weekly basis.  Let me tell you, the hardest part of this challenge will be limiting my choices to 4.

I follow a lot of blogs.  Alott alott.  To be honest, more than I could actually read each day.  So, since I have so many favorites, I thought it best to break it up into types.

I hold court here at The Cheeky Diva blog, and I am the queen and soopreme ruler.  This is the one thing in the world I can do exactly the way I want to.  So, there.   I don’t have any minions yet, dammit, but every court has it’s players.  So this week, we’ll start with the court jesters.  So, without further rambling, I’ll just get on with it.

The Cheeky Diva’s Favorite Jesters. 

1. Ad-Libb3d

Could this man possibly be any funnier?  I don’t think so.  He has a self-deprecating  tone to his writing that is absolutely infectious.  His posts on being the father of teenaged girls and his fall from The Daddy Pedestal are strokes of mad genius. I email  these posts to my husband and can always tell he’s reading when I hear insane non-stop laughter coming from the living room while I slave over dinner.  My husband doesn’t laugh that much at MY blog.  On second thought, you don’t want to read this guy after all.  He sucks.  I’m much funnier. So, don’t go read his post about

Being a Halloweenie

or his

Tumble From Grace as SuperDad

2. Creative Liar

I applaud this woman’s shameless attempts to garner attention and free stuff, armed only with her razor-sharp wits.  Included in the “makes me laugh like a mental patient” category.  Today however, she is begging for help.  She has asked her readers to find her grandma a boyfriend….a rich boyfriend, give her free stuff.  Utter genius.  Another total stranger to loathe because she makes me look bad.  She’s not that great I guess, give her a few pity clicks by reading about her

Smokin hot Granny

and how

Smokin hot runs in her family

3. My Right To Bitch

I stole this shiny red button because AdamS doesn’t have an avatar on his blog, and I didn’t know if he’d be okay with me splashing his picture to all 11 of my rabid followers.  So, under no circumstances click that big red button.  Because what’s on the other end isn’t funny.  At all.  I mean it.  All this guy does is whine, complain, and tell people what to do.  If he wasn’t half my age, he could be my twin brother.  Today’s post was NOT the funniest thing I’ve read so far today, really! So absolutely do not click here to find out how to

Keep your home safe from Halloween Pranks

and don’t click here to hear about of his love of

Chiropractic Medicine

4. Edward Hotspur

What can I even say about the irrepressible Edward Hotspur?  One of my first and most faithful followers,  a mentor, a genius, a madman.  Creator of Romantic Monday, and a prolific bloggod.  I never know what I will find when I go to his blog.  Sometimes a short story, sometimes a beautiful poem.  Sometimes something so funny that people around me worry about me while I’m reading.  No not really.  It’s not that good.  Yawn.  Just stay right here.  My stuff is so much better.  The fact that he has a million followers on this blog and on Twitter don’t really mean anything.  Just because you’re a big mob, doesn’t mean you’re right, does it? Our dear Edward had the esteemed honor to be a real Blogger Idol Finalist.  Bravo! Edward, I mean eh, no big whoop.  So, if you have extra time to kill, you could read about

Refrigerator Wormholes


The Scariest Story Ever Told

But you didn’t hear that from me.

Okay, I poke fun, you know as well as I do that all these fine folks do what I attempt to do here.  Only they do it so much better, and  I can only hope to come close to their talent after years of hard work and lots of heavy drinking.  I applaud you all, and look forward to reading everything you write.  Thanks for the laughs and everything else.  Tito, get me a tissue.

30 thoughts on “Share the love people!

  1. Grandma is going to be so proud. I’ll let her know about this. Don’t be surprised if she sends you photos to attach to this post.

    Love that I have new bloggers to read, too! Thank you Cheeky Diva!

    • Oh, probably not. People hate me. But thanks for trying! There are so many more funny people out there, limiting it to 4 was difficult, but if I try to do this regularly, I will give a nod to a lot more goofballs. Next week, I think I’ll shine the spotlight on my pals who are more serious-you know, “real” writers. I could never be one of those. Glad you liked! Be sure to stop by tomorrow and add your best (or worst) haikus! And your most embarrassing story on Friday. If you’re going to read me, I’m sorry, I’ll constantly be asking you to do stupid stuff, so you may want to think it over before stopping by again. ;-)

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