Thursday Haiku Madness!!!

Blues and Haikus

Blues and Haikus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woo hoo!!!  Here we are again to clog up the blogosphere with our zany, wacky and ill conceived haikus friends!  Last week was a huge success and I thank everyone who participated.  I know that some of you are knee deep in your NaNoWriMo word counts, but if you could spare a measly 17 syllables here today, it would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t think of any?  Here’s a few to inspire you!

Write about a good relationship!

Your love is the wind

Swirling, messing up my hair

Stop it already!

Write about a bad relationship!

Love is blind and dumb

That’s why I didn’t notice

You were such a douche

Write about your parents!

So you broke your hip

shut up and watch your stories

no pudding for you! 

Write about your kids! 

You are such a puke! 

Now go out and mow that lawn!

Mommy loves you! Smooch! 

Write about your job!

Every day I slave

The salt mine is so salty

God, I need a drink

Write about the meaning of life! 

What’s it all about?

Okay, so now I’m 50

Answers anyone? 

El Guapo

Reading Pleasure


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Okay kids! You’re up, dazzle me! 

78 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness!!!

      • This was inspired by a particularly odd IM last night where my friend was suggesting I buy property and rent it out. Um… I’m not even employed (and he lives with his parents!) What the heck!

      • Yes, he’s a fool. I probably get a dozen people a year urging me to buy property despite my having zero interest. Been there / done that!

      • I’m trying to move right now, out of a house I’ve owned for 20 years. People are telling me to just go ahead and buy another one before mine sells. Um yeah, you know how much I make. Like I can afford payments, taxes and insurance on 2 houses, when I can’t afford all that on one? Sum peeple r so stoopid

      • “Just rent it out!” – as if landlording can’t quickly turn into its own brand of hell. I love how so many people who’ve never owned a place are so quick to suggest it. SMH.

      • Oh yeah, I’ve heard that one too. A-I need the money to put down on another house, 2-I plan to move to a different city, and D-I have friends who are landlords and I don’t know how many people have totally trashed their properties over the years.

        Being a landlord
        That’s not a life I would choose
        Live in what I own

        Look at that! You squeezed another haiku out of me!

  1. It’s a little slow at work here today. It inspired me to submit a little something:

    I sit at my desk
    Prop my head to stay awake
    Coffee, do your stuff

      • And that makes my day!

        It occurs to me that certain words have different amounts of syllables depending on how you say them. So I am avoiding using them.

        How do we rule words like
        Caramel? 2 or 3?
        Chocolate? 2 or 3?

        There was another one, but it doesn’t have to do with sugar, so I can’t remember it . . .

        I wasn’t planning on writing another haiku, but dang if I keep trying to put all my thoughts to haiku now. Make it stop!

      • Nice one! It’s been a busy day here already. How much fun is this?

        Haikus clog my brain
        Make it hard to do my job
        Maybe I’ll get fired!

        I can only hope
        This place is gonna kill me
        Now where’s that Calgon?

      • Oh, I love that first one. Damn. Wish I had come up with it. It is way too much fun! More fun than I’m getting paid to have, that’s for sure . . .

      • I guess I didn’t know work could involve fun. Some people are just lucky I guess. I had a boss actually tell me once, “If you were supposed to have fun here, you’d have to pay me.” One reason I don’t work for that guy anymore.

    • Get your ass in gear
      1600 words to go
      eat some M&M’s

      So glad you dropped by! Happy NaNoWriMo. Been thinking about you this morning. Thought you’d be up to a gazillion words by now, slacker!

  2. If I already
    Knew the meaning of life I’d
    Be a rich woman

    And if my WiFi
    Were working I’d have posted
    My “art” on my blog

    Instead I rely on my
    Smart phone which I used to hate
    Turns out it is great

    • Awesome! Nice work! Busy morning already in the diva’s haiku corner. Did I just refer to myself in the third person again? Just wait until I start calling myself “moi”, then you guys have my permission to bash my face in with a brick or something.

  3. Awesome haikus from the awesome Edward Hotspur, left on yesterday’s post, and rescued from my spam folder. Thank you Edward! Hope your day gets better!

    Car why you no start
    Why why why why why why why
    Tow take 3 hour

    Is that him right there?
    Man I really have to pee
    Hope I don’t miss him

    There is someone now
    Why’s he driving right on past?
    Directions, fucktard!

    Oh, my frozen toes
    Soon you will be warm again
    I’m talking to toes?

    I was quite surprised
    At how freezing off your ass
    Makes you so tired

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  5. Here’s my post for your Thursday Haiku Madness!

    And I’ll just stick the other ones I did last night right here…

    Car why you no start
    Why why why why why why why
    Tow take 3 hour

    Is that him right there?
    Man I really have to pee
    Hope I don’t miss him

    There is someone now
    Why’s he driving right on past?
    Directions, fucktard!

    Oh, my frozen toes
    Soon you will be warm again
    I’m talking to toes?

    I was quite surprised
    At how freezing off your ass
    Makes you so tired

  6. Here are a few tweeted to me by my pal Ginger Snaap from

    Dinner time madness
    When we all keep talking at once
    Ambiance is killed

    ADHD boy
    Charged up like a coke addict
    Making me dizzy.

    He won’t eat meatless
    Bacon Bits count as meat, right?
    He doesn’t agree

    Thank you so much Ginger Snaap! -here’s one for you!:

    Being a mom sucks
    Some days its hardly worth it
    Keep on truckin moms!

      • Go look at yesterday’s thread on the blogger idol post…you’ll get it :) I went through a ton of emails when I got home and was exhausted. I need to proofread better from now on. Btw, I’m new to this — do I pass the award on? Do I take the “Blogger Idol” award? I feel like such a douche asking all of this…

      • Hey Adam! This isn’t like the other awards that we give each other, like One Lovely Blog for example. This is merely a way to give a shout to those I love to read. If you want to pass it along, please do by all means, but not necessary. I will read later when I have my glasses on. I noticed a few misspellings of my own yesterday. Ha Ha! Just keep writing. Love your work. :-)

  7. Great, now i can’t stop.
    My kids think I’m nuts counting
    Words on my fingers

    But these are Haikus
    I tell them, and they are fun
    Good test for the mind

    They still think I’m strange
    But that’s nothing new really
    They are teenagers

    Oops, just hurt my hand
    trying to count one more verse
    Hand now has a limp


    • That’s too funny! I do that all day long myself! Thanks for playing! Can’t wait for another embarrassing story from you today. Mine is a good one. Nothing like having your “Oh Crap!” moment in front of a bunch of grade school kids.

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    • Hey thanks you guys,
      Us guys here are always appreciative of what you guys do for us guys. What would we (us guys) do without you guys at Mens North Face Denali Fleece?

      You guys rock! We (us guys) must incorporate you guys into our blogroll too!

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