A musical interlude to break up a crappy day!

Helllllooooo!!!~  This is shaping up to be one crap on a cracker kind of day, for many reasons.  So, when I’m having a bad day, my favorite thing is a nooner!~ With my kickass Bose stereo in the car.

I get in the car, crank the stereo up to 11, pop in a favorite CD, and take an Angry Drive-yes, they really have a name, and yes they deserve to be capitalized-so shaddup already.

Anyhoooooo`  Today’s choice, -Neon Trees.  If you aren’t listening to them already, you don’t know what you’re missing.  I have both albums they have produced so far, and am in love with their infectious yet soulful music.  The tunes are incredibly catchy, and hearken back to the 80’s, but the lyrics speak to someone as old as me with wisdom.  These kids are young, but can feel the pain of love and loss like  a geezer.

I have a really really really mad love for them, so I thought I would share this video with you.  This song never fails to make me feel better.  And for those of you who’ve been feeling less than romantic on our Romantic Mondays, just remember, that somewhere inside that comfort zone of a long term relationship,  the spark of a mad mad love still burns.  You just need to fan the flames! Or better yet, pour gasoline on it!!!!~ GRRRRR

Hope you all are having a joyous Wednesday!

PS-Here’s a better video, same awesome band,  different song – the official one this time.  I’m sure you’ve heard this one before.

15 thoughts on “A musical interlude to break up a crappy day!

  1. Never heard of these guys (I’m ancient) but I love them too! Toe-tapping fun! Thanks for pointing me their way.

    Sorry you are having a crappy day. I hate that when that happens!

    • I’m sorry the video is so bad! I couldn’t find the official one. They are awesome!- When your ex husband just has to come to where you work-for the third time in less than a week, and sit in the bosses office yuckin it up with the door closed, it’s hard not to get a little freaked out and want to go drink lunch. But, I’m an adult, I just opted for loud music and a hot dog with some Snyder’s Cheese Pretzels on the side.

      • Well they are still friends. Makes it very hard to do this at times–I added a new video to that post. A different song, and it’s the official video. I’m sure you’ve heard this one if you’ve been anywhere near a radio or an episode of GLEE in the last few years. Go back and have a listen, I can use another page view today. Tee hee!!!

        Hope all is well, and that we will see you for Thursday Haiku Madness tomorrow. I will be spreading my unique brand of awful around the blog-o-sphere this weekend. I will be guest blogging at A Clown On Fire on Sunday. Mark your calendar!!!

        One last thing~sorry I am the worst scrabble opponent ever! I am SUCH a waste of your time.

  2. Here is your additional blog hit!

    Wow! Guest blogging at Le Clown! That is an honor. He is a lovable crazy man.

    You are NOT wasting my time with scrabble. I believe you trounced me!~

    • He is! It should be so much fun. I’m sure unsuspecting readers will click back here, so I should do some house cleaning. Yikes! I have so much I want to do and change but just can’t find the time. I believe you won the last round because I failed to make a move. Did you not? ;-)

    • Well these guys weren’t mainstream when I happened on them a couple of years ago. They are mainstream now because they’re good. And I don’t know about your theory. What’s on the radio is all about getting shitliquored and having sex. Kids these days!

      • Adam, age does creep up on us. Maybe I’m just jealous because at my age, getting shitliquored and having sex almost always causes some type of injury, usually the breakage of one or more brittle bones. Sucks to get old.

  3. Their song “Everybody Talks” has been my escape lately! Something about their music is so infectious and cheerful (even when the lyrics are a bit dark) that I can’t help but want to play them on repeat all the time. Thanks for the music break!

    • I love the song 1983 because that’s my year. The year I graduated from high school, went to college and met my husband. BEST YEAR EVER! Yeah, I’m that old. Bet you weren’t even born then.

      • Lol! I was born that year! I missed most of it, being a September baby, but seeing as that was my entrance to this glorious world I have to agree that it was the Best Year Ever.

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