Embrace the Ick!-You got it!

Thanks to Michelle, the story wrangler, for this wonderful idea for a daily post prompt.  This one has been on my mind for a while.

Gaaaaaahhh! You’re really gonna eat THAT?

Vile and nasty stuff

Tapioca pudding

Snot colored, full of lumps

Just looking at it gets my gag on

How do people eat this?

I guess I’ll always wonder

There’s some in my fridge right now,

My husband loves the stuff

It’s not a deal breaker,

Unless perhaps the day would come

That he should eat it with a mistress

And then I would be undone.

The end

Here’s another great poem about tapioca pudding! 

25 thoughts on “Embrace the Ick!-You got it!

    • Ooohhh! What a great word! When I write about the love/hate relationship (his love, my hate) with clam chowder, I will totally use that word. I was just reading about your experience with Sandy. I’m so glad that things are getting back to normal for you, and that you have electricity to make your popcorn and warm up your lube and sex toys now. ~In all seriousness, glad you are okay. Thanks for the follow and the great word!

    • I have an unnatural aversion to pudding as a food entirely. I can hardly stand the stuff. The flavor is of little consequence to me, but the tapiocaugh variety, as you so wittily coined it is the worst offender on the pudding family tree, IMHO.

  1. If tapioca – makes you choke-a,
    you’d never get it on with flan.
    And puddin’? No good in.
    Creme broulee? Walk away.

    But bravo – struttin’ jello
    keeps a mistress at bay!

    Thanks for your poem. Got me going.

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  3. I am thinking tapioca … Flash flash flash
    Those dear souls
    Those old souls
    Put away
    Away from life
    Special care
    They call the home
    Home home home
    The realtor softly
    As realtors sell
    And the dear
    Old souls
    Gaze dazed
    With dewy eyes
    Tapioca sighs.

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