Thursday Haiku Madness!~Special Edition

Happy Thursday folks!  I think we all know what day it is.  SQUEEEEE!    Today is  Thursday Haiku Madness at The Cheeky Diva.  For those of you who are new to this stupendous weekly feature, here’s the drill:

A-I write stupid Haikus

2-You laugh and chortle and roll your eyes

D-You write your own stupid Haikus in the comments section.  Do it!  It’s wildly popular, and all the cool kids are doing it.  I mean it.  If you are here, and you don’t write a Haiku, someone will beat the shit out of you on the playground later.

Usually, my Haikus are all over the place like a 2-year-old who ate a bag of sugar.  That actually happened at my house once. It’s not a pretty sight.

Today, however, I will be a grown up.  After all, I did lure you here like a Sireeen, by telling you this is the “special edition”.  The Cheeky Diva has been asked by LeClown to host his blog on Sunday as this week’s guest blogger at A Clown On Fire.

She told me she would steal my nose if I didn’t let her host.

I know, right!  Are you as excited as I am???? Probably not, but keep reading.

Since guest blogging is a serious business, and I am undeserving of the honor, today for our special edition, we are going to do Haikus the right way.  A few pals have tried to remind me that Haikus should have nature imagery in them.  I have scoffed at and ignored this little point–and will continue to do so–but not today.

Today I am alllll about doing things by the rules.  I already feel like a puppy in a burlap bag. But, in the interest of being taken seriously, I will endure the trappings of poetic form.  Today, the Haikus will be all about nature.  Now that I have narrowed the field and cut your creativity off at the knees, let’s get to the good stuff….er the crappy Haikus.


Stupid Little Tree

“Lovely Spring Blossoms” my ass!

All thorns and berries


I hate the winter

hate it, hate it, HATE IT GRRRR!

Maybe I should move


It’s so nice outside

Good day to frolic naked

And spend night in jail


High winds and snowy

followed by 80 degrees

That’s Nebraska folks!


Bare and naked trees

you look so freakin scrawny

Put your leaves back on! 


Okay, your turn! And don’t forget to stop by A Clown On Fire Sunday to see the damage I can do over there! 

36 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness!~Special Edition

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  2. It’s probably not fair to razz you about your lack of nature imagery, when I write smut, and it’s easy to throw some in there. Ex:

    The dark secret earth
    I search with my hands to find
    The sprouted mushroom

    Really, think about it, flowers are straight sex. They’re fancy colorful reproductive organs, looking for the right pollinator.

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