Friday Fail…interrupted

Tapioca pudding

Now if that isn’t a heaping bowl of lumpy inspiration, I don’t know what is!!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey kids!  I know you came here looking for another story about how I embarrassed myself in public, but I don’t think I’m going to do that today.  At least not like I’ve done the last couple of weeks.

What I’m going to talk about is yesterdays blog posts.  I did my regular and highly anticipated Thursday Haiku Madness.  Of course, I had a bunch of views, comments and silly poems, and I thank you.

But…there’s always a big but Simone…..Michelle’s DP Challenge to “Embrace The Ick” was a monster hit grabber in comparison to my sad and lonely little haiku post.  So, let’s just put it in the “fail” column, since it’s Friday and all.

What did I learn yesterday?

1.  People still love the haikus

2. But not as much as they love “ick”

3. Love it or hate it, there’s just something about tapioca pudding that evokes emotion and engages the reader.

I will from now on try to jump on the DP challenge as often as I can, but only if I  feel like I can do it my way.  You know, half-baked, dashed off without much thought, and straight from my new plastic hip.  It seems that I sometimes produce my best work when I’m put in box, and do it as fast as I can in a stream of consciousness kind of way.

My Freshly Pressed post is a good example. It was written on a lark, after casually visiting the Blogger Idol page on Facebook and giving the at home challenge  a go.    It shot out of me like an ill-conceived notion with its ass on fire, which in essence it was– I saw the challenge, and I kid you not, within two hours, the post had been written, published, and I had already been notified that it had been chosen for the Freshly Pressed page.

So much for those well thought out posts I agonize over.    The ones that take hours to write, (like this one) that you just know are gonna be a winner, and at the end of the day, you get all of 9 views on them.

The funny thing is, a blog pal of mine Maddie Cochere at Breezy Books had predicted that I would be Freshly Pressed that day…..For a different post, that did take me HOURS to write!  You can imagine my shock when I read the email and discovered I had been FPed for what I thought was really a piece of crap.

Looking back on it, it wasn’t bad at all.  Give me something I feel strongly about, and I can in a very short time, under pressure, put my signature on it.  Silly, outrageous, sharp and meaningful at the same time.  Who knew I was so freaking brilliant?

After a lot of encouragement and support from my adoring fans and fellow writers, I decided today that I would re-post that Freshly Pressed story that I previously removed.  Like re-posting it is going to make my family talk to me any less?   What have I got to lose at this point?  I ain’t getting invited to Thanksgiving this year, so I may as well go for broke, and let myself be heard.

Guess what?  It’s gone.  Forever wiped from my dashboard.  Instead of changing it from “published” to “draft” I put it in my “trash” folder.  Silly novice blogger.  I didn’t realize that the trash would automatically empty itself after a number of days.  Another lesson learned the hard way.

I am hoping that I saved it into a word document like I thought I had, or that maybe I can retrieve it from my copyright vault,  but even if I can, all the great comments won’t be there.

Fu——–huck!    Look at that!  Another fail for me!

Yep, I think I’m just gonna pull up my economy sized bloomers and write about nothing but tapioca pudding for a while.


What are those little lumps?

Suspended in that goo?

Pasta? Extruded horse hooves?  Something even worse?

I heard it’s some kind of plant, but who would harvest that?

Did our ancestors forage through the hills and dales,

looking for that special something?………

“What can we find, dear Hortence, to add to your fine pudding?

A little extra Je Ne Sais  Quoi?

To make sure no one eats it.

So I can have it all to myself.”

Yeah, that must be it.

Final thoughts~ Sometimes, the best things come from your gut.  Deep inside.  A little spark can lead to a lot of inspiration.  In other words, don’t overthink.  Just write.

Happy Friday all, and let’s hear your thoughts!

22 thoughts on “Friday Fail…interrupted

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  2. I’m getting the hot burps again from your Tapioca picture. Stop it! Stop posting that creamy barf pile! I completely agree with you though. It seems like I’ve gotten more attention on the stuff that I whipped up quickly. The stuff that I think sucks is always a hit. “Don’t think, just write.”

    • I’ve read a lot of your stuff, and frankly, I think it ALL sucks– Talk about a steaming barf pile! –KIDDDINGG!!!!

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I just love your voice. Of all of your writing that I’ve read so far, I can’t even pick a favorite.

      Oh boy, We need to write something together my friend, and see who walks away unscathed.

      Something I’ve wanted to do my whole life~ A battle of wits with a worthy (if not better equipped) adversary.

    • Oh my! I’ve never met a man so enamored with his dessert choices, and so eloquent about it. So glad you dropped by to leave a comment here. What did you make me for dinner, my sweet? I hope it has tequila in it. :-)

  3. You realize, I hope, that this post is sheer genius on the mere fact alone that it contains a poem that utillizes the name “Hortence.” I chuckled like a moron.

    So glad you found that FP post, too. I can’t wait to read it. I’ll make a batch of tequila-flavored tapioca and settle in to enjoy.

  4. I love tapioca pudding! The first time I tried it was when I saw the movie, “New In Town.” After seeing that, I HAD to try it, and I LOVED IT!!! Those little pearly lumps don’t bother me in the least :-)

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