~ Not A Terrible Poem~


Tell me how you do it

Make me want you every time

You’re sinful and forbidden

Yet delicious and sublime


To look upon your beauty,

catch your scent upon the breeze

fills me with desire

and can bring me to my knees


Memories of you I hold so dear

For I have seen you everywhere

To have you all for myself

is a temptation filled with fear


Some day I shall have you

Consequence be damned

You and I were meant to be

but for now our love is banned


Are you still with me, reader?

What have I done this time? 

I wrote an ode to a cheeseburger

And I even made it rhyme

24 thoughts on “~ Not A Terrible Poem~

  1. This is a Great poem. I am so hoping that there is bacon in there somewhere? ( I kept looking at the pic on top and going: What!? :)

    • A cheeseburger can not spur my lust if it is without bacon, so the answer to your question is a big Fer Sher!

      I always post a random, wistful picture when I get all arty and thoughtful and shit. So, remember that if and when you stop by again, which I certainly hope you do!

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. I like it! I googled “poem about a cheeseburger” and there’s nothing but crap out there! You should add that tag and make the world a better place for cheeseburger poem searchers. It should be titled “Not” a Terrible Poem!

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