Well look-ey here!


I feel as purty as a baby pig all rubbed up with butter!!!  Or something equally delightful.  I’m so glad you are here at

The Cheeky Diva~Blogging at it’s mediocrest!

 I trust most of you are here because Le Clown’s regular Sunday feature with me as the host made you curious.  For my regular readers, thank you also (as always) for dropping by, and please head over to A Clown On Fire to join in the haiku funfest!

Who is this Cheeky Diva person, and why on EARTH did our lord and master Le Clown bestow the honor of guest hosting upon her?

What?  My brilliant haikus weren’t enough to convince you of my wit and prowess as a blogging force to be reckoned with?  It made you click here didn’t it??? Welll?  That alone has to be worth something.

Okay, let me back up and start over.  I’m out of Froot-Loops and it’s making me extra cranky.  I need to be nice to my guests and new readers.  I will try my best not to offend or chase you away.

English: A photograph of Froot Loops breakfast...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose since I have your somewhat undivided attention, I should tell you a little bit about myself.

~Hello! I’m Cindy, I’m a Pisces  and I like chihuahuas and chi-NESE noodles!

~ I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain

~I like long walks on the beach and learning all about that special someone by use of background checks and private investigators.

Actually none of those things are true.  Except one.  You figure it out.  But, as long as you’re here already, let me show off some of my most favoritest posts of all time!

Future Award Winning Poetry

My Cheeky Movember Post

My Not So Warm And Fuzzy Pay It Forward Post

My Very Warm And Fuzzy Halloween Memories

Okay, that’s enough to get you started.  That will give you a taste of the good, the bad and the ugly.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Please leave your comments, and I hope to see you here again soon!

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