Be The Change~ Do I dare to dream I could be this?

Be the Change.  What change, big or small would you like your blog to have on the world?

Well, those of you who already read me may think you might know the answer to that question.  I like to make you laugh.  That’s a very small thing.

Or is it?  What makes me that kind of person?  The answer to that question is the big change I would like to make with my blog.

Michelle’s DP Challenge rocked my world just a little bit.  It took me back to those days of my youth, when I was told “Cut it out, the comedy routine gets a little old.”

I have always been the weird one, the oddball, the one who gets sideways looks for my strange behavior.  In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t an embarrassment to at least one person in my life.  For many years, I tried to escape that shadow of shame.

I know there are many others like me.  They say there is one in every family.  

Well I say, “One what?”  What are we?  Those of us who thrive on making others laugh.  We’re ridiculed, we’re mocked, we aren’t taken seriously, and I think I can speak for many others like me when I say that making people laugh is our drug of choice when we need to self medicate.

Maybe you had a great childhood, maybe you didn’t.  Maybe you chose to make it better by using that crazy in you for good and not evil.  Maybe, knowing you could get people to laugh was all you had some days.

Or worse, maybe you still try to fit in the “normal” mold others have built for you.

Perhaps you see something that’s wickedly, deliciously funny, just waiting for you to put a caption or a punchline to it.  But you don’t.  Because you are afraid.  Afraid of what others will think.  Afraid that you will embarrass someone in your life.

If I could use my blog to make a big change, it would simply be this.  Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly.  Don’t be afraid to get your dork on.  

Life is just too damn short to spend it trying to be someone you’re not.  Don’t waste your precious few years being what others demand.  

If your heart tells you to post a picture of yourself sporting Pippy Longstockings pigtails, just do it!

So you want the world to see your brand new car?    It looks pretty damn good on you, I must say.

Dinner was a major fail?  No one could even identify it?  Great!  Let’s hear in your beautifully twisted way what went awry.

Dumb and distracted enough to let your dog get ahold of your wedding shoes and eat them? That’s marvelous.  Tell me more.  

Dorks of the world unite.  Stand up and be counted.  We are needed, we are loved, and we make life for others easier to bear.  So let the haters tell you to knock it off and grow up.  They forget that people who toil to make tv and movies funny are just like you.  Except they were lucky enough to get someone to pay them for what they offer the world.  

The people in your life get your gift of funny ha ha for free.  Don’t let them forget it.  Here’s hoping that  like me, you have at least one special someone who thinks you are the greatest thing that ever happened to them, and your sense of humor is just a bonus. 

Funny this should pop us a a challenge today, as I just added a page to my blog regarding this very issue.  TERMS AND CONDITIONS  seems very dull and boring, but at the bottom of the page, I posted this video.  I am glad to have an opportunity to shove it in your face via the daily challenge: 

Words to live by my friends. 

22 thoughts on “Be The Change~ Do I dare to dream I could be this?

    • :-)

      Thank you so much Lynn! I don’t really give a crap anymore. It’s sad that anyone is made to squash their gifts and dreams. If I ruled the world, I would put a stop to that, like yesterday!

    • It’s the pigtails, isn’t it? They are pretty freakin impressive. Thank you so much. I’m honored to hear that, coming from you– a guy who never fails to make me squirt milk out of my nose. And I don’t even drink milk–now THAT”S impressive.

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