Thursday Haiku Madness!~ Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thursday haikuers!

Just in case you missed it, last Sunday, I was honored to host a high powered haiku-fest over at A Clown On Fire.  Not my best work was produced that day, but there certainly was a lot of it.  After writing a few to get Le Clown’s readers going, I answered all comments in haikus.  I counted up the damage after it was all over, and I spit out 67~yes 67 verses of crappy haiku that day.  Somebody call Guiness, because that must be some sort of record.

Wow! That’s impressive!  She must be all haikued out!  Maybe we’re off the hook today!  

Oh, silly readers, you don’t get off so easy.  All that did was grease the wheels.  My haiku skills are all sharpened up and ready to go.  Well, sorta.  Today, maybe we should haiku about being thankful for stuff and junk.  Since Thanksgiving is next Thursday.  Thanksgiving is next thursday???~~~~Holy Crap!  How did THAT happen?  I’ll never be ready.


I am so thankful

Thankful for my stuff and junk

Really?  NEXT Thursday?


Oh! Glorious bird

Now trussed and stuffed and roasted

Not so cocky now! 


Family gathered

To stuff their little faces

Then nap on my couch


Today we join hands

And give thanks for all we have

Here’s my Christmas list


No Black Friday Fun

Knee deep in dirty dishes

Ain’t Thanksgiving grand? 


Here’s the cranberries!

I worked hard to show  my love

Opening that can. 

Mmmmmmm! Nothing says ” I love you” like opening a can!



35 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness!~ Thanksgiving Edition

      • this is a new thing for me–I have a friend who is teaching me how to cook and not just open cans–I like just opening cans, but the real thing with cranberry sauce is worth the little bit of trouble it takes–and really the popping of the cranberries keeps me entertained for the five minutes it takes to make it

  1. gobble gobble up
    stuffed turkey gravy yum
    my gut overfloweth

    giblets goblets oh
    mouthfuls a plenty for me
    family blessings

    pass out on the couch
    big stuffed grouchy grouchette
    bursting bulbous gut

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