Dear Michelle,

An entire post, my friend, with nary a three letter word?

Of such a difficult task,  dear Michelle, I have never heard

I will attempt this request of yours, beloved Story Wrangler,

though when it is done, I trust,  it will be a poor tongue tangler


Your daily prompts consume my life

Have even made me late to  work

What kind of muse mojo does Michelle possess

that makes a type A toiler want to shirk?


So here I go, goddess of Word Press

my lame attempt at meeting your request

Goals given to us each morning, thought provoking, lofty

Can’t have my fellow bloggers think I’m  a wussbag or a softy


Dear Michelle, everyday I strive to bring a smile,

grab just a sliver of your heart

Your challenges dare us to dream we will soar on words,

Turn writing from  a “craft” into an (insert three letter word that rhymes here)

18 thoughts on “Dear Michelle,

    • Thanks! Why do I always get the email for the prompt when I’m getting ready for work? Seriously, this one did almost make me late for work today. Wrangled me good this morning, she did! :-)

      • Actually, my Hasty word friend, I do my best work when I’m wrangled. Much harder to start from nothing. Pen me in a little, take away some options, direct me, give me something to focus on. That is starting to be something I can really work with. a dork in a box. Whoda thunk it?

    • Nope, I wrote it trying very hard not to use any three letter words. I found one, which I removed, and then had my co-worker proof read for me to make sure I hadn’t missed any. You should try this Lynn, It was fun!

    • It was a little difficult. When you take out “can”, “and”, “our”, “try”, “was” etc, .you have to look for better, more wordy words. I hope by implying, (but not using) the word “art” Michelle won’t think me a cheater.

  1. What a cool challenge! I am unsure if I could do it, which leaves me ever so impressed. I am glad to yell “Diva nailed it!” from every rooftop with easy stairwell access.

    An entire post with nary a three letter word? No. A comment that is completely devoid of three letter words with bonus cool words like “nary”? That I am able to provide.

      • No worries. I have a staffer to endure all skewerings on my behalf.

        But I’m glad you reminded me…note to self: hire more skewer-takers. It’s really amazing how quickly one goes through them, isn’t it?

      • They just don’t breed skewer takers like they used to, do they? I am busy trying to find someone now to keep up with my tweets, because my thumbs are so busy signing autographs, that I just can’t do it myself anymore. So, if you know someone who is really fast on a cell phone keyboard, who can be my persona in 140 character bursts of genius, please have them shoot me their resume through Linkd In.

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