Hello World~ Again

Here’s today’s Daily Prompt Challenge: Hindsight.  Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your first post.

Oh, boy…..Haven’t looked at this post since I wrote it.  I was almost afraid to.  But, it wasn’t quite as abysmal as I had feared.  (Yay for me)  I had forgotten that there was a less than flattering picture of me there, so I started by replacing it with my adorkable clip art avatar.  Isn’t she precious?  If you would like to see the original post, please click here.

The Cheeky DivaCheeky Diva Logo

Kind of says it all doesn’t it? I am a walking encyclopedia of worthless knowledge and mis-information.  I can teach you how to bake the mostest delish chocolate cake, build a cathedral out of toothpicks or find the perfect husband.   It is my lifelong dream to have you squirt milk out of your nose while you read my dog training tips.

You will also get the benefit of my shrieking and oh so damn introspective mid-life crisis. I will be your champion as you wade through the muddy waters of middle age.

We will fight our battles with gravity and brittle bones together. Along with the laughs, groans and eyerolls, I hope that you will find something here to inspire you to try something different, like I’m doing right now!  YIKES!

So hop on the cosmic wagon train and shake your honey buns with The Cheeky Diva


You will notice that I didn’t change much.  My writing style is much the same, but it’s the “blogging” format itself that I’m much more familiar with now.  Adding pictures, links, videos  and related articles are just a few of the things I learned well after this very first post.  This format  is the third theme I’ve tried, and I  have lots of fun clicky things in my sidebar now that couldn’t have been there when this all started.  While the bones of The Cheeky Diva are much the same.  OY! ~ In more ways than one.  I have learned that you can teach an old diva new tricks, and I love learning more and using them to dazzle my poor readers as much as I can with them!  So thanks to everyone who has hopped on the cosmic wagon train and is still riding!

My first post was published July 19th, 2012 by the way.

32 thoughts on “Hello World~ Again

  1. I think you did pretty well. My first post was a political statement, only two lines. It got no likes and no comments. I totally forgot to put any tags with it. I learned quickly that if you want a lot of followers, keep the politics to a minimum.

    • Thank you! I try to stay away from just about anything that is a real issue. I’m very much out of the loop – at least on my blog, and that’s the way I want to keep it. I don’t think I tagged my first few posts either, and it took me forever to figure out a lot of stuff in that dashboard. Formatting still dogs me. Sometimes, I just can’t get my posts to look like I want them to. This theme in particular seems very bad with pictures and their placement, especially if I try to do anything more elaborate than full size centered.

  2. I like it! Hard to believe you just started blogging last summer, you write so confidently and well. My first post is a little dark but I’m rewriting it anyway. It’s so interesting how much I have changed my approach. I really like this challenge; quite an eye-opener!

    • It is! I’m working on the piece I had planned to post for Romantic Monday right now. When I get it done, I can’t wait to check out the others. Thank you for your thoughts! I appreciate your compliments, my friend.

    • Thank you! Looking at what some others wrote for their first post, I feel like I’m just a fluffy diversion, when people need a break from reading “real writing”. But, that’s what suits me, and I’m so happy people get a chuckle when they drop by.

      • I don’t think there is fluffy diversion. Humour is a legitimate expression. Women – like Erma Bombeck – made women humourists a respectable profession. Even the Landers sisters could be witty in their own way. As women we learn how not to apologize for how we write?

  3. So many followers in such a short time! Amazing. Also, I smile (inside) every time I see hello world. It’s just like a running joke among computer scientists. So I smiled when I saw the title of this post.

    • Hi there and thank you! I have been surprised myself at how many people actually like to read a blog about nothing. They must be fans of the show Friends or something. These challenges have helped a lot of people find me. I really enjoy them. Thanks for reading. :-)

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