Thursday Haiku Foolishness?

That’s what I said folks.  Today is Thursday Haiku Foolishness instead of Thursday Haiku Madness in honor of our good friend El Guap over at the shiny surfer dude blog  Guapola as it’s his birthday!!! Squee!!!

To read other birthday posts for our friend from his fellow bloggers, please click HERE

Let’s start with a song, shall we?  I know Mr. El  Guap like him his music, and we even share some of the same favorites, so here’s my pick of the day for you, you awesome birthday dude.

Today’s music-Novocaine For The Soul, by The Eels

Okay, enough of that sappy bullshit, on with the foolish haikus!  Please leave a haiku or a birthday greeting for Mr. Guap in the comment section.  Thanks ya’ll!


Happy Birthday Guap!

Hope you have an awesome day!

With real gifts and shit


How do you rate pal?

Don’t think they’ll do this for me

But I’m not bitter


This day is all yours

So frolic and be foolish

With your clothes on please


Don’t do something dumb

And get yourself arrested

I hear jail’s no fun


Eat a lot of cake

And drink one too many beers

Just one too many


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50 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Foolishness?

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  3. Here’s a dirty one I wrote in my head before I got up, cuz it’s Thursday and I’ve been remiss in spreading the smut.

    The sun sleeps, I sleep
    But morning wood, prodding me,
    Heralds a new day.

    Needless to say, someone has confused a part of his anatomy with the alarm clock.

  4. Five, seven, and five
    Counting on fingers that can
    Almost feel frosting

    I don’t know el Guap
    But I hope he has lots of
    Cake and poetry

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    • So glad to be a small part of it. You have many, many friends here. People love you! Hope you actually had time to enjoy it in between reading about how awesome you are and commenting to your fans and admirers.

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