Diva Prompt Challenge~Wanna Play?

Hey there readers! You know how I looooooooove to jump all over Michelle’s Daily Prompt Challenges.  Even though most of them can be of a more serious nature, I always try to respond in the shallowest, most vapid way possible~ just like you have come to expect from me.

The other day, Michelle tweeted me to offer up suggestions for the challenges, as it’s open to all of us, and they are always looking for ideas.  So I did!  I submitted an idea.  Michelle’s response  to my prompt idea was something like this…..

“You are more than a little insane.”

While I take that as a compliment, it told me that my idea was just a tad too quirky for the Word Press masses. And that’s okay.  My readers (some of them) are more than a little insane.  My readers are also quirky (most of them).

I asked Michelle if I could run with this, as it was apparent she wasn’t going to use it.  She gave me the green light, so now I toss it to you.  It’s unofficial, it’s utter tripe, but hey, a prompt is a prompt none the less.  So if you want to play along, please write a post based on the prompt and let me know about it.  Throughout the day, I will add links here for all to see.

And don’t forget to submit your burning holiday questions via the contact form on my About page for tomorrows Dear Cheeky Diva.  Okay, enough babbling, here’s your prompt:

Today’s Diva Prompt:

Write ad copy for an insurance company that protects against perils of the paranormal, supernatural and cryptozoological variety.   

Here are the replies to the prompt:

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Things to look for this week on The Cheeky Diva~

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Thursday Haiku Madness

Lots of deep thoughts spurred by the Daily Prompt

Other fun stuff and junk.

The suggestion box is always open, so stuff it. 

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22 thoughts on “Diva Prompt Challenge~Wanna Play?

  1. Urban Coverage is an all inclusive insurance company–we provide life, car, and home insurance with a difference. If you have trouble with hauntings or if Big Foot is stalking you–we will provide agents who will investigate these paranormal and cryptozoological claims. If we are satisfied that the hauntings are real, or find evidence that Big Foot has been peeking in your windows, you will be compensated for loss of sleep and any falls resulting from tripping into deep footprints. We also cover evil magical spells, and we have special agents versed in the occult.
    Because we provide such comprehensive coverage, our rates may seem high, but there is no one to compare us to, as we are the first in the field to cover the above.
    Surely peace of mind is worth a few thousand dollars.

  2. ps add coffee and a donut and I might give it a whirl. Never done an actual prompt with complete sentences or thoughts

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  4. Taking another break, and hanging out at your place. I don’t have the brain to write an ad, but I’d buy insurance against bed shakers and shadow people. I’ve had a few of those my lifetime. Also, I voted for the answer with bacon in it. Jimmy Smits worked on a friend’s computer last weekend and took payment in bacon! 7# of it to be exact.

    • That’s so cool! I’ve never been paid for work with bacon. I woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding headache and never went back to sleep. Then I wandered around like the undead until it was a decent hour to go to the grocery store to get all the overpriced crap to make a gazillion cookies for Christmas. About 2 pm, I had had enough and we have been laying on the couch like slugs ever since watching an overlong movie. Now I’m trying to muster the oomph to make some dinner. I am so done with this day. 3 more hours and I can go back to bed without being a total lameass. Hope to finish Cookiepalooza tomorrow. Ugh.

      • Wow, and you still managed to handle your blog today with a headache. I’m not baking cookies this year. If I did, we would eat them for meals. I hope you feel better tomorrow, and your baking goes well.

      • I didn’t do much. The Diva post was already written, and the daily prompt never takes very long. I answered comments while I had stuff in the oven. Headache is gone now, I’ve had a hot bath and I’m drinking some new age bullshit herbal tea that’s supposed to make me sleepy. Bedtime never looked so good. Weeee! Good luck with your editing. :-)

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