Thursday Haiku Madness!

Hey kids, this is a little late, sorry.  Been busy wallowing in self pity, and wondering why my daily prompt post about wallowing in self pity didn’t end up on the pingback list, so there’s some more self pity to wallow in.  Weeeeeee!

December has been a very odd month for me, in the blogosphere, as well as the reallifeosphere.  I feel like I am on an out of control amusement park ride called the Nightmare Mood Swing Express.

The impending Holidays, the end of the world, family crap, work crap, other CRAP are spoiling my usual jovial season.  In the spirit of Festivus For The Rest Of Us, why not make today’s haiku’s all about airing our grievances, or mood swings, or just random shit that’s got you bugged.

Before this pity party gets going in full swing, I need to stop and say hello to anyone of Le Clown’s readers who are here to get their haiku fix, now that his Sunday haiku guest blogger spectacle has ended.  I appreciate Mr. Clown and Cathy at Large Self, his final guest host  for guiding people here for their weekly dose of dorktastic haiku.  So sorry you picked today to drop by.  But please make your presence known and leave a haiku or two in the comments.

Let’s rollllllllllll………………………

Get the tissues please

And a gallon of ice cream

Lifetime Movies? Check!


Feeling better starts

Watching Meredith Baxter

Fight off a psycho


My life’s not so bad

LT Hasn’t filmed it yet

Is mood improving?


“Killer in your car!”

“Killer in your king sized bed!”

I scream at TV


Dumb girls on Lifetime

You never saw it coming

So glad I’m not you


Here we go again

Another Christmas season

Is it over yet?


Ready for new year

I’m so over Twenty Twelve

Move it, calendar!


Try to be joyful

Wearing my smile on a stick

Can you tell it’s fake?









Sometimes, you just need to smile when you don’t want to.  Watch our friends Ren & Stimpy show you how it’s done: 

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63 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness!

    • No gifts have been bought
      No money with which to buy
      Empty Xmas Tree

      Can’t be with the kids
      Its their fathers turn to host
      This one won’t be fun

      I am such a drag
      Aren’t you glad you stopped by here?
      To have your mellow harshed? (One too many, but I couldn’t resist)

      • It will all be fine
        Can only go up from here
        Next year be better.

        Rather have true love
        than live a lie like before
        with the wrong husband

        Poor and laughing much
        Better than wealthy and sad
        Ex can have that life

      • Carrie, please forgive me. That was very uncool of me. Life isn’t bad at all most of the time. The holidays are for some reason just really getting me down this year, more than ever. Thank goodness I have this silly little blog where I can spew my thoughts and share laughs with my pals. Thanks so much for being one of them.

      • You spew all you want. Everyone deserves a chance to vent. And by putting it to Haiku, you give it a different spin. I look forward to your Thursday Haiku’s when I get a chance to mosey on over. It’s the only Haiku I write. For good reason. ;)

      • I appreciate that so much! I’m glad I did it. Wasn’t feeling it today, but I can’t disappoint my fans. Ha ha ha! Did I just say that???? Oh brother. what a diva she is–Oh my god! Now she’s (I’m) referring to herself (myself) in the third person. I have gone over the edge of sanity…….Look out below!………….

      • I have a fridge full of cookie dough to bake, so there will at least be some food to go along with the festive Christmas zombie killing. I hope to get two of the three kids and maybe all of them over to my place for a little while. The problem is the youngest lives in a different city and can only be home for a very short time. Hope Dad and I can put aside our “grievances” long enough to make sure everyone has a nice Holiday. Keep your fingers crossed!

  1. Everyone has flaws
    And moods that go up and down
    Friends will understand.

    What bugs me is fear
    I am scared to start a blog
    You bloggers are brave!!!

    • No problem! I’m just thrilled I found another soul who enjoys old cookbooks! Here’s a post I wrote about my favorite blogger, who has taken old cookbook appreciation to a hilarious level. Please read if you have time, and thanks so much for dropping by! Welcome!

      • Cheeky Diva! I have always loved Lileks too and bought his Regrettable Food book! How about that? I think you definitely did him justice in your post. The Colossal Weenie Wonder Ha! And what a wonder it is! And the asparagus lampshade is to die for! (Literally when you take into account the thumbtacks!) But oh what a way to go! :D I’m a huge fan of all kind of vintage material. I have quite a large and useless collection! Oh but they are ripe with humor aren’t they? :D

      • Hi there! Yes they are. I have an ancient cook book that’s just cookies, it’s got the creepiest pictures and the best recipes in it. I don’t know where it came from, but there’s an order form in the back to get more for 40 cents a piece. It has a chapter that’s all recipes from 1st Ladies. The most recent being Lady Bird Johnson. It’s quite a treasure. We are scarfing peanut butter cookies right now that I made for Christmas using a recipe that was in it. They aren’t going to last until then, I’m sure. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading! Look forward to chatting with you again soon and reading more of your work. :-D (Right now, I’m obssessed with Vintage sewing patterns, and would love to build a collection and make myself some totally rad retro fashions.)

      • Oh I wish I could sew! Vintage (well as far back as the 70’s) patterns turn up in the thrift store I go to from time to time! But alas I am the world’s worst seamstress! But oh what fun to sew yourself a new groovy wardrobe! Oh and those first lady recipes! How fun! I’m wondering if Lady Bird’s calls for eggs that she herself laid? I look forward to chatting with you again too Cheekydiva! :D

      • I know they are going for a fortune on Ebay, but there are a few antique and thrift stores around here that have a ton of them. Just haven’t made the time to go and look through them. I do love to sew. I got married in May and made my own gown. Good thing I’ll never have to do THAT again. Don’t know what I was thinking. I wrote a post about it. You don’t have to read it, but you may enjoy looking at the pictures:

      • Made you’re own wedding gown! I’m totally impressed. My sewing looks like Lucy Ricardo’s – she also cut out the rug when she was cutting out the pattern. That’s something I would do. I once sewed the elastic waistband for a pair of pants into the leg, I didn’t even know I was doing it until my daughter’s 10 year old friend spotted it from across the room! Sigh . . .

  2. Thanks for the pingback
    I was excited to find
    many others who

    love haikus as much
    as I do. They are more fun
    when you can share them

    I will follow your
    blog, looking foward for more.
    Hope your mood improves. :)

    • Hi there! Haiku’s ARE fun aren’t they? But for me they have to be silly. Thanks for being concerned about my mood. The longer you read, the more you’ll realize that it is ever changing….but for the most part, I’m pretty silly. I just fell off the dork wagon yesterday and am having a fair amount of difficulty climbing back on.

      • I write serious poems too, but the silly ones are definitely the most fun. And there’s plenty of wierdos on the dork wagon to help you back up. We’re a pretty forgiving bunch.

  3. You are not the only one who’s upset about the readership, but if I had YOUR numbers, I’d be less upset. I know I’ve only been doing this since June but I’m getting super frustrated. SUPER upset. I think you should take the advice I won’t give myself. Keep doing it. Don’t quit.

  4. Are you in bed yet
    Long day mom’s doing laundry
    Too tired for blogs

    We are the Cratchetts
    May I have lump of coal please
    House cold gone all day

    You bake the cookies
    They will cheer you up right quick
    House smell like Christmas

    • In bed, but awake
      Today was long and crappy
      Tomorrow better.

      Not cold here right now
      But Crachett Christmas as well
      Bah Humbug and shit.

      No coal lumps for you
      Cuz you’re too awesome for that
      Crap! Ran out of words.

      Thanks for dropping by girly. Still plan to publish the new book tomorrow? SQUEE!

      • My mom is sick! She hasn’t been able to read. I’m having to push it back to probably Monday or Tuesday, but definitely before Christmas. Good night, sweet Diva. Hope you have a good day tomorrow!

  5. my tank is empty
    love ren and stimpy
    baaah humbug
    and no haiku for you
    sorry I told you I had zippppppp
    but just sayin hello ;)

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