Thursday Haiku Madness! Goodbye Cruel World!

worldonfireWell, hello again, for the last time, or would that be goodbye?  Doesn’t really matter, does it?  The world ends tomorrow, so this is the last EVER Thursday Haiku Madness hosted by your fake friend The Cheeky Diva.  YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Hey!!! Don’t get so excited, people.  You are not off the hook just yet~ I expect a parting haiku from each and every one of you.  It’s the least you can do.  Tomorrow, the world ends, and if I find anybody in the afterlife who has NOT left me a haiku today, there will be hell to pay...(chortle), like isn’t that where we’ll all be, anyway? 

Okay kids, enough haranguing and empty threats, let’s get all poetic and shit!…..


Armageddon! SQUEE!

What could be better than that?

Um…lots of stuff? Yeah


So the end is near

I can use that sandwich board

Hope it still fits me


homer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Going to miss some stuff

Like bills and work and aging

As If!  I kid thee


It’s time to reflect

Have you lived a rich, full life?

Too late now, sucker


Knowing it will end

this world we live in my friends

harshing my mellow


The words aren’t coming

I’m all choked up and sobbing

You take over now


I can’t wait to read

Make it great, your last haiku

It better not suck



Alrighty then!  Unless you’re so depressed you are  jumping out of your office window~Let’s have em, soon to be vaporized fellow citizens of the planet Earth!!!!!

51 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness! Goodbye Cruel World!

  1. Mine sucks. But since we are all dying tomorrow anyway so there will be no one to laugh at it. here it is

    Should I say goodbye
    to the fellow humans or
    later, just say hi

    I am just not poetic and shit like you ;)

  2. Haiku at the end of the world… now that is deep and funny. I can’t do Haiku today… I am to depressed… by the fact that the world is ending… what we have here is a vicious circle… I almost spelled that viscous… which is a sticky liquid with slippery properties…

  3. Busy all day long
    Book published tomorrow; yeah
    No one left to read

    Spent dollar today
    Lottery ticket will win
    Nowhere to collect

    Buying two car tires
    Son will love/hate Christmas gift
    Car stay on snow road

    Haiku … glad the world is ending. My fingers are wore out. :-)

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