Fishing is about more than just fish (never insult a writer)


This is a wonderful post, written by a man who was one of my first Word Press friends and readers. If you don’t already follow this blog, you should. Please help to stop bullying, in all its forms. No one should ever say such mean things about this dear man, or anyone else for that matter. I rarely re-blog, but I really want my readers who don’t already read Eric to see this. Thanks!

Cheeky Diva

Originally posted on Flies Over Nebraska:

“Never insult a writer. You may find yourself immortalized in ways you may not appreciate.”

-Garrison Keillor

Update: Make sure to read my follow up post of final thoughts too.

Today, I received perhaps the funniest comment on an article I have ever received. Two, actually; both by the same anonymous author. They were:


-”Please do us all a favor and just post pictures of the fish, you look like a douchebag”

I have to admit, that I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I saw these! I am sure that this person really was out to draw blood; which is a lovely thing to do the day after Christmas… but stuff like this I just find hilarious. I am also surprised it hasn’t happened to my blog earlier…

However, it didn’t hurt at all… to the contrary…

I spent the first 12 years of…

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One thought on “Fishing is about more than just fish (never insult a writer)

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