Thursday Haiku Madness! 2013 Is 5 Syllables


See?  That’s a gimme for you right there.  All you have to do to play along is come up with 12 more!  You don’t have to use two-thousand-thirteen, but please feel free to do so if you want to.

With all the grumpy posts of late, the gloom and doom and stress of the holidays, and the impending destruction of the Earth that we narrowly avoided, things have been a little less than cheeky around here sometimes in recent weeks.  So today, let’s have nice, friendly haikus.

Today is all about hope, promise and looking forward to bigger, better, brighter things in this most shiniest of new years!  I hope this year is the best ever for all of my blog pals and readers.

Okay! On with the haikus!


Happy New Year Friends!

So glad you are still reading!

Thank you all so much!

Haikus continue

To bring you joy each Thursday

Yes, they will still suck


Year Mayans said wouldn’t come

So glad they were wrong!

Wishing you all joy!

And awesome new adventures

In the coming year

Hoping this year holds

Lots of stuff to write about

For all my blog pals

Please don’t fret about

Those New Year’s resolutions

Pesky little things

Lose weight, get rich, pppffftttt…

And be a better person


Set us up to fail

Nobody needs bad karma

Just do what feels right

Do what you do best

Continue being awesome

That will bring great things!

Okay, that’s enough for now!  Another busy day at work for me, so I will try to stop by periodically to admire your phenomenal poetic efforts, but unfortunately, hanging out and playing all day probably won’t happen. So you kids just haiku and have fun all over my page today.

One final wish from me to you~ I humbly thank all of my new friends and readers for making The Cheeky Diva more than I ever could have imagined.   This includes my wonderful husband, family, real world friends and far away blog pals. You all have no idea how much your continued support and readership means to me.  You all have helped me realize that my creative spark needs a place to live and grow, and with your help, it’s doing just that.

I sincerely hope this is a wonderful year for you all and that we will all continue  to become better friends, writers and people in general.  Happiest of New Years



Next week, for THM, we will have a fun and highly interactive day.  Thursday Haiku Madness goes to the movies! All haikus must be movie lines.  They will be numbered, and readers will guess what movies they are from.  Haikuing and guessing will continue throughout the day, and later in the week I will post the best guessers.  There may even be a cool homemade badge for the badass who guesses the most movies correctly.  So, be thinking of some big hits and sleepers that would make great haikus!  I hope you’ll stop by to play!

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41 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness! 2013 Is 5 Syllables

  1. Oh, Cheeky Diva
    I’m coming out of the fog
    Need to write some more

    I’ve followed along
    But never took time to say
    How much I relate

    I’m trying so hard
    Not to pack my bags and go
    To sunny Maui

    Winter not my thing
    It fucks with my head you know
    Foggy, foggy, dew

    Guess I’ll go to work
    Like I do most ev’ry day
    Bills that must be paid

    One thing for sure though
    Thursday Haiku brings the sun
    Into my brain now

    Thanks Cheeky Diva
    2013 is yours
    The year of good things

    • I don’t know if anyone can beat Red today, he’s on fire! Thanks for playing! Please stop by next week with a movie line haiku or two! I’ll let a couple of rules slide, if you have to fudge on syllables to make it work, I’ll turn the other way. I hope we have a lot of fun!

  2. New year, new promise
    that I will follow where my
    Heart wants me to go.

    But she’s a crazy
    creature sometimes, and the voice
    in my head says, Wait!

    Are you sure this is
    what you really want to do?
    Heart laughs and says, Yes!

    (This is fun…hope you like ’em. I’m sure I’ll be back next week :). )

  3. Like Yoda to speak.
    My resolution this is.
    (On Thursdays, at least!)

    Thanks, CheekyD, for sharing the Haiku Madness every week!

  4. My dearest Cheeky
    I will start every haiku
    In this here fashion

    The doom and the gloom
    Have grinded me the fuck down
    I am glad you’re back

    So that cheekiness
    Can fill my lonesome reader
    With your funny words

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the responses supposed to be haikus? You’re failing at your own game.

      • Nope, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Lucky to have time to respond at all today. I don’t have much for rules around here. It’s kind of just a spaz free for all, but I was just about to tweet you about the Circus Peanuts. I agree, they are pretty gross. So I have no idea why I want them every now and then. Maybe I should do a post about that. I mean about stupid things my brain tells me to do some times.

      • Alright then! I didn’t have anything in particular planned for tomorrow, and I just haven’t been too thrilled with the Daily Prompts the last few days, so, voices in my head it is!

  5. Reblogged this on Cytherean Dreams and commented:
    My contribution to the challenge:

    New year, new promise
    that I will follow where my
    Heart wants me to go.

    But she’s a crazy
    creature sometimes, and the voice
    in my head says, Wait!

    Are you sure this is
    what you really want to do?
    Heart laughs and says, Yes!

  6. Feeling weird, but not
    good silly weird, hate to be
    a downer today

    Rainbows, unicorns
    smiles and laughter, that’s the
    order for the day

    So smile till you
    laugh, and laugh till you smile
    and don’t forget to

    Read Thursday Haiku Mad-
    ness on The Cheeky Diva
    to improve your day!

    Only 4 stanzas
    Well, 5, but Red’s record still
    stands, I didn’t come close.

    • Thank you for playing!
      Sorry you’re having bad day
      Don’t worry bout Red

      Hope your weird feeling
      Turns to silly for you soon
      That’s always more fun

      Rainbows, unicorns
      Can’t always make things more fun
      Need smile on a stick?

      Thanks so much for the haikus. Always more fun if friends play along. I don’t think you’re a downer at all. Hope tomorrow is a better day. :-)

      • Your “smile on a stick” actually made me smile! :) Made me think of both Jeff Dunham (“Jalepeno. On a stick”) and Terry Prachett (“Onna stick?”).
        Thanks! Your Thursday Haiku Madness has never failed to brighten my day!

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