Daily Prompt~ Teacher’s Pet

Today’s Prompt

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

This was a no brainer.  While I had a lot of favorite teachers over the years, one stands out as the person whose teachings impacted my daily life.

That would have to be my high school Home Ec teacher, Mrs. L.

Learning to cook and sew and run a house may seem old fashioned by today’s standards, but other than the sewing, the skills I learned from this woman are very much in need; not just in my household, but in every household.

The sewing, which I still love to do when I have time, has been a hobby for many years, and I have made a lot of heirlooms and memories, using the skills I learned from my old pal Mrs. L.

On the surface, the science of cooking and the mechanics of sewing seem pretty straight forward.  But when you are instructed in these skills by someone who truly loves them, you learn that they both can be an art form,  a source of pride,  hours of enjoyment just in the act of doing either and you can share those skills with others for a multitude of reasons. Who doesn’t love something you toiled over for hours, days, or even weeks that was made by your hands just for them?

Both can seem like daunting tasks to a beginner, so trial and error, failing and trying again, and practice, practice practice were things Mrs L incorporated into her lessons.  Using a quick substitution or other means of problems solving ideas also come in handy in the domestic arts, as well as life in general.

30 years after taking that class, I still use Mrs. L’s lessons every day, and I am still grateful that she was my high school teacher, mentor, and friend.

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24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~ Teacher’s Pet

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    • As far as I know, Mrs. L is still around. Don’t know if she’s on the facebook, but I’ll just have to check on it. Mrs L and I continued to be friends and she attended my graduation, my wedding, and even my parent’s funerals many years later. She’s a very dear lady, who talked many boys and girls a lot of valuable real world skills. :-)

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  3. CHEEKY!!!
    I need a button sewn on a pair of pants….HEEELLP!!

    Seriously, though, sounds like Mrs. L was awesome. I had a few awesome teachers. A few.

  4. My number one teacher was Dr. E. Richard Brown, who was my mentor and inspiration throughout graduate school. I worked with him for twelve years before he passed away last April, and I miss him immensely. His influence is in everything I do as a health policy professor, and as an advocate for justice through proactive public policies.

    I have been blessed, though, with many wonderful teachers throughout my life, and they all had lessons I take with me.

  5. I’m pretty sure my high school did have Home Ec classes, but I steered cleared of them, though I completely agree it is important knowledge for everyone to have. I had already learned most of those skills either at home or through scouting. Give me a fire and a pan and I can cook you a gourmet feast while patching up your travel gear.

    • I really wanted to show her my wedding dress that I made, but was so busy trying to get it done, I never had a chance. We still live in the same town, and I think she still lives in the same house that she used to. I even used to go over there and get a few private cooking lessons. I think I’ll send her a card with a wedding picture in it and thank her for making my dream dress a reality. I really should do that. Thanks for reminding me. :-)

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  7. I’m a great cook now, but I remember a home-ec class where we split into cooking groups, and it was my job to copy and write the recipe down for Boston Creme Pie. I accidentally transposed the numbers for the sugar and the flour, and let’s just say I was pretty unpopular when our cake fell. LOL

  8. What a lovely tribute to your Home Ec teacher! I took Home Ec, too, and I am so glad of all of the things I learned in there! You need to send this to her – I am sure she would be so happy. As a high school teacher, I sometimes get cards/messages from former students. It makes it all worthwhile. :)

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