Thursday Haiku MOVIE Madness!


It’s Thursday!!!!!! Woooo Hoo and junk!  I think you all know what that means.  Once again, it’s time for Thursday Haiku Madness!  Today, we’re going to do something a little different.  Today, the haikus will all be movie lines.  I will start with haikus built with lines from some of my favorite movies, and I invite you to do the same.

To add to the fun and frivolity, I also invite you to guess what movies these haikus came from.  I’m hoping that some readers will have great, obscure lines from sleepers or little known lines from great films to share.  In any event, I’m tossing out a couple rules, but replacing them with others, so pay close attention.  Here goes.

1. Comments can either be haikus made from movie lines or guesses as to what movies previous haikus are from;or just a plain old comment.  Comments are always appreciated.  Just join the fun.

2. Please number haikus, so when people guess, there is less confusion.  Example: mine will be 1,2,3, etc.  The first person who adds their own will number theirs 4, 5, 6 and so on.

3. If you need to abbreviate, or paraphrase to fit your lines into a haiku, that’s okay, as long as the overall meaning and recognizability  (ooh! Did I just make a new word?) of your movie quote isn’t lost.

4. Later in the week, I’ll try to do a sum up, with the best guesses, most guesses and guesses that were wayyyyyy off.

5. As always, please have fun!

On with the show!………………………..


Lovely cheese pizza

made my fam’ly dissappear

Buzz! Your girlfriend! WOOF!


Happy occasion

Let’s not bicker and argue

About who killed who


Mr. Lundegaard

I need full VIN numbers please

I can’t read that fax


He’s not Messiah,

He’s a very naughty boy

Stop thinking ’bout sex!


Okay, that’s enough for now, you get the idea.  Your turn!

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55 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku MOVIE Madness!

  1. These are bruises from fighting.
    Yes, I’m comfortable with that.
    I am enlightened.

    F*** Martha Stewart.
    Martha’s polishing the brass
    on the Titanic.

    Worker bees can leave.
    Even drones can fly away.
    The Queen is their slave.

  2. ok well I don;t really understand haiku, I recognize some of the movies though and i am willing to give it a shot.. don’t laugh – or do thats ok too..

    ‘e must be a king
    can you tell by looking?
    ‘e;s not shit covered.

    I probably totally bombed that but it was fun.

  3. Have you seen my son?
    You know he’s got lucky fin.
    Won’t tell you blue-ie.

    When all else is fail,
    Just pick me up and throw me.
    Jack Jack, not a game.

    I am an eye ball.
    My friend is huge blue scary.
    I’d rather do stand-up.


    Was looking forward to this all week and somehow completely missed it yesterday. So, sorry for the late entries. It seemed like Princess Bride and Monty Python and Star Wars and Star Trek had already been well represented, so I did my haikus along an entirely different theme.

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