Thursday Haiku Madness! Hobby Time!


I thought it would be fun for us to highlight other fun stuff we like to do besides writing today. I  am a homebody for the most part.  Instead of interesting things like globe-trotting, knife throwing or sculpting, I usually stick to boring old lady stuff like cooking and sewing.  So, here’s a few haikus about hobbies, real and imagined.  Please jump in with your own in the comments!  Happy Thursday, all!


Jugg-a-ling chainsaws

Doesn’t THAT sound like great fun?

Call me “3 Fingers”


Jumping out of planes

Pointy rocks will break my fall

This is such a rush!


Bowling for dollars

Hard to do for lil ol’ me

Bumpers not allowed


Something from nothing

Cooking and sewing are fab

I made it in shop!

cooking disaster


images (61)

Even Edward Cullen, America’s Sweetheart favorite vampire, loves to use his culinary skills-and write haikus about it- when he’s not busy doing vampire stuff like playing baseball, brooding and sparkling in the romantic dappled sunlight. (Barf)

Where’s that chocolate cake?

My most bestest creation!

You ate it? You bitch!


Don’t believe me?  Here’s the proof~

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56 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness! Hobby Time!

  1. I paint a picture
    I write a sci-fi novel
    I carve a tiki

    I do a blog post
    I get silly on Twitter
    I write a new song

    I play the guitar
    I sing the song I just wrote
    Do some Photoshop

    I write a poem
    I do another blog post
    My brain feels hot

    No laundry got done
    I haven’t started dinner
    Real life is hard…

    • Wow! Whoda thunk that reading drivel from my head would be someone’s hobby? I’m humbled and honored. Thank you so much! :-)

      Are you sure that something like riding sharks wouldn’t be more fun?

      • I love knitting. It’s a stupid loft bed that my daughter had to have for her birthday. It has a gazillion bits. I hate flat pack. Oh and I use the term ‘we’ very loosely. Hubby is building it. I am drinking too much and taking pictures. My version is way more fun. Thanks for the haiku inspiration. So underused these days.

  2. Late haiku today
    Somehow had to work
    Stupid gov-ment job

    DVR at home
    Sit on couch and watch tv
    Probably too much

    Best times I will lay
    On sunny beach with warm wind
    Flip-flops, sunglasses

    Mostly I just write
    Lost in blogland with Cheeky
    Morning, noon, and night

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  4. Serve, bump, set and spike,
    It is volleyball for me.
    A sport I can play.

    But I watch TV,
    For that worldwide game I love,
    It’s football/soccer.

    Intricate passes,
    Dribble down the sideline and,
    Cross it in to score.

    The beautiful game,
    Stole my heart when I was five,
    If only I could play.

  5. Haiku number one
    I love Batman and cupcakes
    People think I’m weird

    Sushi for dinner
    Almost died from ninja nuts
    Luckily didn’t

    Dancing is the best
    Just call me Miss Twinkle Toes
    Let’s do the robot

  6. Age is a state of mind, not a number. In the last few days (I’m reading backwards to get caught up), you keep talking about being so old. Hobbies besides writing: crocheting, reading. Used to bowl, but the vertigo even robbed me of this.

    • I’m not really that old. I’m 47, almost 48. But I have a skeleton that feels like it’s a hundred.And that makes me feel very old. Just can’t get around like I used to, and it’s very frustrating. Didn’t know you had vertigo. That’s terrible. I only feel that when I’m in a tall building. I can’t imagine feeling like that all the time.

      • I have a few years on you! I have 2 different kinds of vertigo – the regular kind where you feel dizzy at heights, at the top of stairs, etc. Then I also have what’s called BPV (benign positional vertigo) which means my head doesn’t understand where it is in relation to the rest of the world. It happens a lot when I lay down in bed! There is a treatment for it & it works for about 96% of people, but unfortunately not for me. I have to take medication every day for it or I wouldn’t be able to walk in a straight line.

      • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope that there will be an effective treatment that helps you more available soon. I just can’t imagine having that kind of feeling all the time.

      • Because it’s caused by a physical defect in your ear, there is only 1 treatment. A neurologist puts you on your back on a doctor’s bench. You have to scooch down till your head, shoulders & most of your back to your hips are hanging upside down off the end of the bench. Then the neurologist turns your head very slowly from side to side & back & forth. When you finally get to sit back up again, most people vomit. For a lot of people this will work & their problem is solved. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me! Not a great experience – I felt like I was going to fall off the doctor’s bench the whole time!

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